Jl. Kunti I No.8, Seminyak, Bali

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A taco is a traditional Mexican peasant open faced sandwich made from a flour or corn tortilla (bread) which is topped with a combination of fillings such as meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese or cream. At Taco Beach Grill, we believe the art of a great handcrafted taco is to perfectly balance the elements of crunch, cream, heat, sweet, sour, salt and tang.

Not really. We are not the cheapest guys in town and rather somewhere in the middle. But we do provide the best value in town: we serve the best quality at great prices. We use the finest imported meats and specialty items like smoked duck, ahi tuna, soft shell crab, fresh seafood, New Zealand beef and more.

You bet. Check our website for daily updates and details, but currently we host Margarita Mondays (50k Margies), $2 Taco Tuesday, and Fajitas Fridays (50% off all sizzling fajitas platters), and several other special deals for cheap eats. Please visit www.tacobeachgrill.com for details, special offers, and deals.

Easy peasy. Go to our website https://www.tacobeachgrill.com/book-now/ and book ‘em Dano.

We frequently have groups of 10 to 20 pax. Contact us in advance, please, for large party bookings above 8 people.

Yes we are. At Taco Beach Grill, the food comes first. And the customer. We love large families with kids. We are a casual family restaurant just like you would find in Baja, MX with many non-alcoholic beverages and with the usual alcoholic drinks like ice cold margaritas, mojitos, sangrias and beers available if you wish.

Absolutely, in fact we are sort of famous for them. We have a massive selection of vegan and vegetarian items, including a full page of original, one-of-a-kind Vegetarian Tacos (which can be made Vegan), and dozens of other vegetarian/vegan items. Vegetarians love us and many come back every day while they are on holiday here!

es, we offer two types of gluten free tortillas as well: crispy corn tortillas, like you would get in Australia and amazing soft corn flour tortillas as used in Mexico and the United States, using imported Mexican flour (made only after you order, at a slight extra charge.) And we have many items that have no bread involved such as steak and seafood dinners, and vegetarian plates. Coeliacs just love us, and many become avid, repeat customers.

Absolutely, it is perfect for families with kids. We adore kids. Our venue is decorated in cheerful children’s colors and we even have kids’ movies available for the TV, a high chair. We are a family restaurant not a pick up or drinking joint.

Of course. We serve margaritas, mojitos, sangria and beer. And at great prices!

You bet. Two, actually! We have two happy hours, from 2-6 p.m. and from 9-11 p.m.

Indeed we do. From cozy in-villa dinners of 10 pax up to massive weddings of 2,000 guests!